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Assessments and Health-checks

Ekwantu Consulting will conduct free infrastructure assessments across all IT platforms to help identify operational gaps, closing these aiding in efficiency. These assessments are conducted on an on-going basis, once work commences ensuring we’re always on top of any vulnerabilities that might occur. This allows us to be proactive in approach, minimizing, to a great extent, the time to repair lowing and potentially doing away with unforeseen downtime of production operations.

Services Offering Catalogue:

Cloud specific consultancy
Cloud migrations
Private and public cloud services
Server environment management
Virtualisation (end to end)
Product development, deployment and management within the organisation
IT consultancy
IT support services
Hardware purchasing (including server sizing exercises)
Business Development engagement Value offering
Ekwantu focuses on improving business processes and systems, enabling customers to make timeous and meaningful management decisions.
Above all, our business is about valuing relationships. We are committed to our stakeholders, our clients and our technology partners so that we can deliver ongoing value and industry leadership.

IaaS: Infrastructure as- a Service

Ekwantu’s Infrastructure as-a Service offering public and private cloud services with management, monitoring, security, and always-on availability. IaaS services sometimes called cloud are available from one of the country’s leading ISP’s tier-3 plus datacentres, which are monitored for security, availability, performance and capacity.

MaaS: Monitoring as-a Service

The managed monitoring and control of customer network and systems infrastructure is critical for establishing and maintaining critical system health. Ekwantu monitors and controls all server hardware systems, operating systems, application services, databases, network devices and servers running in any enterprise environment.

DraaS: Disaster Recovery as-a Service

This service is completely managed by our team of expert business continuity engineers, who are always available to you. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it straight away or get in touch to let you know whether something needs your attention. We’ll work with you to ensure your recovery is as easy and reliable as possible and ensure your systems are available 24/7.


Ekwantu Consulting is an experienced VMWare Enterprise Partner. From the desktop to the data center, we can virtualize your computing, storage and networking systems with our VMware consulting experience.

Datacentre Consolidation

Consolidate data centre hardware and enable business continuity through server virtualization. Reduce capital expenditures by increasing the utilization of existing hardware. Increase productivity through central management of virtual infrastructure. Ensure business continuity by reducing or eliminating downtime of your workloads and infrastructure.


Create the foundation for building a dynamic, self-optimizing data center with VMware ESX Server. ESX Server abstracts processor, memory, storage and networking resources into multiple virtual machines, giving you greater hardware utilization and flexibility. Production-proven at thousands of customers of all sizes, ESX Server delivers the highest levels of performance, scalability and flexibility.

VMware Virtual Centre

Achieve the highest levels of efficiency, automation, simplicity and security in managing a virtualized IT environment of any size with VMware VirtualCenter. VirtualCenter lets you rapidly provision virtual machines and monitor the performance of physical servers and virtual machines. VirtualCenter intelligently optimizes resources, ensures high availability to all applications in virtual machines and makes your IT environment more responsive with virtualization-based distributed services such as VMware DRS, VMware HA and VMware VMotion.

VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With VMware, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), companies can host individual desktops inside virtual machines that are running in their data centre. Users access these desktops remotely from a PC or a thin client using a remote display protocol. Since applications are managed centrally at the corporate data centre, organizations gain better control over their desktops. Installations, upgrades, patches and backups can be done with more confidence without user intervention.

Increase hardware utilization
Streamline the execution of IT management
Improve application availability

Minimize the cost of IT infrastructure ownership

Increase hardware utilization and reduce hardware requirements with server consolidation ratios   commonly exceeding 15 virtual machines per physical processor.

Reduce required datacenter square footage, rack space, power, cooling, cabling, storage and   network components by reducing the sheer number of physical machines.

Streamline IT infrastructure management

Streamline the execution of IT management processes such as provisioning, capacity management, availability management, continuity management and service level management.

  • Eliminate cumbersome software installations and configurations with virtual appliances.
  • Decrease IT labour costs and refocus IT teams on value-added, strategic tasks.

Provide Mainframe Class availability and reliability

Improve application availability and business continuity independent of hardware and operating systems.

Eliminate planned downtime for server and storage maintenance with live migration of virtual machines across physical servers and storage arrays.

Improve Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective in case of an entire site outage

Data Availability

Resiliency and availability are the cornerstone of a functional and delivering IT line. EKwantu Consulting believe that the availability of data and information in the right format at the right time, is key to assist business decision makers to make decision at the right time being assisted by technology.

Availability is also key in ensuring functionality of company systems in case of disaster. Ekwantu Consulting will build clients business continuity based using various tools e.g. VMware vSphere replication, VEEAM and Platespin.

Server consolidation assessment

The objective of this packaged solution is to get you up and running on VMware ESX Server, virtual machine software for consolidating and partitioning servers in high-performance environments, quickly and effectively. Ekwantu Consulting Enterprise Team will work with you to install and configure this highly scalable virtual machine platform so that you learn how to take full advantage of this product’s advanced resource management capabilities to guarantee service levels.

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Ekwantu Consulting (PTY)Ltd
Waterfall Office Park
Unit B-17
Lone Creek
Bekker & Mac-Mac Road
Vorna Valley, Midrand


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Packaged Solutions

Ekwantu Consulting’s Enterprise consultants have developed solution packages that provide the highest value in a reduced time. By leveraging processes, materials, and best practices developed across numerous customer engagements, we can provide you with a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution.